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Steak Nirvana Is Here

As industry dominates commerce and dampens quality, we offer peerless selections unattainable outside of Michelin-star restaurants and elite steakhouses, connecting the lifework of artisan farmers with the exquisite experience of exceptional steak. At home. So farmers can be farmers, and you can feast like one.

Begin With The Beast

From artisanal American farms to the Prefectures of Japan, Holy Grail Steak Co. delivers the world’s most masterfully, attentively, and humanely-raised steaks directly to those who savor the difference. With fanatical breeding, custom feeding protocols, and careful husbandry, Holy Grail producer partners universally honor the Golden Rule of Cow – a steak only tastes as good as it was raised.

Genuine Kobe beef

Holy Grail Steak Co. represents the most comprehensive assortment of A5-grade Japanese Wagyu in the world. Certified by the Kobe-Niku, Holy Grail is your only online source for genuine Kobe Beef and exclusive supplier for Chateau Uenae 's Hokkaido Snow Beef and Private Reserve offerings - perhaps the planets rarest beef. The World's Greatest Steaks, all in one place.

Holy Grail Offers the World's greatest portfolio of Wagyu Beef

Ultra Rare A5 Grade, BMS 12 Kobe Beef is coming soon - reserve your access today. 

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