Akaushi American Wagyu Ribeye


Holy Grail Steak Co.

Sourcing experts in both wine and steak, we've spent countless evenings in fantastic steakhouses around the country. Disappointed, however, in the quality of meat available at our local retailers, we set out on a journey to make luxury steakhouse- and restaurant-quality meats available to everyone. The result is Holy Grail Provisions, a protein paradise that delivers a never-before-available portfolio of the world-class steaks right to your doorstep. All in one box, quality guaranteed. 


Like the terroir of world-class wine making, how and where your beef was bred, fed, and cared for directly affects how it tastes. Holy Grail Provisions takes you on a journey around the globe, exploring the world of amazing steaks from cattle as fussed-over as Chateau Margaux’s vines. And, beef is just the beginning.


Our partner ranches and farms take the art of raising beef cattle very seriously, with a passion and attention to detail that borders on fanaticism. And so do we. We believe that raising livestock is an important part of our food chain and heritage and when exercised responsibly, grazing animals are not only a sustainable part of our ecosystem but net carbon negative. We adhere to the strictest standards when choosing the ranchers we work with - no hormones, no antibiotics, sustainable pasturing, and humane living conditions (though we have to admit many of our partners ranches are more than humane, they're downright luxurious). We know that’s important to you and it’s just as important to us. More than just delivering the most exquisite tasting steak, Holy Grail is creating a path to market for small, independent, artisan farms and ranches, folks who live and breathe for their work. 


Because we know farmers need support to do their job this well. And you need steak that tastes this good.