Program Highlight: Carrara Australian Wagyu

Program Highlight: Carrara Australian Wagyu
Carrara Australian Wagyu is quite honestly some of the most beautiful steak we've ever seen, and we've seen a lot of steak over the years. It's named after the exquisite carrara marble and aptly so - these steaks have the best marbling in the world outside of Japan. Both Carrara and Carrara Jade Full Blood grade out at the top of the Australian marbling scale, with the Jade sometimes exceeding the scale entirely.
Carrara is raised in one of the largest herds of Japanese cattle outside of Japan. Since cattle themselves can no longer be exported from Japan, maintaining a full-blood program is a rare feat. As always, we take great consideration in the farms we choose to work with and it is clear this farm has masterful husbandry. The farm is devoted to sustainability, top-level care for the animals, and honoring the lineage of the Japanese cattle they have been entrusted with. You can truly see and taste the results of this high standard of care.
As for the tasting notes of these luxurious steaks, words may not do it justice, but we'll try. Australian wagyu falls between American wagyu and Japanese wagyu. It's cut thick and looks similar to American steaks, especially when cooked, but the taste is entirely unique. It maintains the beefy flavor and bite you are most familiar with, but the Japanese genetics shine through in the fat. It is buttery, tender, and full of flavor from the intricate marbling.
Carrara makes for an excellent special occasion dinner (although there is nothing wrong with using it for your everyday dinner either). It is approachable for the average home chef to prepare while still tasting like it came from a high end steakhouse. Treat Carrara like you would any steak from our American programs: keep the seasoning simple with a nice salt, cook to medium rare, and make sure it gets a nice sear. 
Australian wagyu is one of the best kept secrets of the wagyu world. It is continually a favorite among our friends and family for a reason. We could certainly go on and on about this program, but we'll just let you experience the luxury for yourself. 

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