What Is Upper Prime?

by Michaela Ousnamer

Each country has its own way of grading beef, or determining what consists of high quality beef and how to measure it. In Japan, for example, beef is graded on a BMS scale from 1-12 and with grades A-C to show quality. In America, steaks fall into one of three USDA categories: Choice, Select, and Prime, with Prime being the highest quality and highest amount of marbling. 

Up until a decade ago, only 1-2% of all cattle harvested in the US qualified as Prime. However, in the last decade the USDA Prime category has recently grown to about 6% of harvested cattle, what the USDA defines as only "slightly abundant" marbling.

Consequently, the vast majority of Prime steak today is actually what we here at Holy Grail would consider lower Prime. This goes a long way to explaining the rapid growth in the availability of USDA Prime steak in today's marketplace. 

However, we're here to remind you, NOT ALL PRIME IS CREATED EQUAL. We weren’t satisfied with just “slightly” abundant marbling and wanted to find an Angus program that was the Holy Grail of the American beef world, something we would consider truly high quality American beef.

Enter Holy Grail's USDA Upper Prime Black Angus. Packed with beefy flavor, this is the most tender, succulent, and juicy Black Angus you can get. Our partner is arguably the best and most consistent Black Angus cattle producer in the country with the purest genetics around. 

With only about 1,000 head available each year and very high demand, their steaks can be found only at the best luxury steakhouses in the country - you won't find them at your local grocery store or butcher. We offer the traditional cuts of ribeyes, strips, and filets, as well as more unique butcher cuts in this program to satisfy any grilling desire.

We are also proud to offer Upper Prime Dry-Aged steaks as part of this program. To learn more about dry-aged steaks, follow the link here.

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