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Upper Prime Black Angus Filet Mignon

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$59.00 USD

Tender and buttery, these filet steaks are sure to satisfy.

About our Upper Prime program:  Not all Prime is created equal. Up until a decade ago, only 1-2% of all cattle harvested in the US qualified as Prime. However, in the last decade the USDA Prime category has recently grown to about 6% of harvested cattle, what the USDA defines as only "slightly abundant" marbling.

Enter Holy Grail's USDA Upper Prime Black Angus. Hand-selected by our producer partner to be in the "upper" part of the marbling spectrum, these are the most tender, succulent, and juicy Black Angus filets you can get. With only about 1,000 head available each year, these steaks are highly coveted by top steakhouses. You won't find them at your local grocery store or butcher. Simply put, our partner is the best and most consistent Black Angus cattle producer in the country with the purest genetics around.

Cooking Suggestions

Cook your filets on low heat to rare or medium rare. Because there is not as much marbling in this cut, it is possible to overcook them. Sear them on low heat, about medium to medium high. This cut lends itself to pairings with a butcher’s butter or wine based sauce.

Product Details

Weight: Available in 2x4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz Filets & Filet Tips

Cut: Filet Mignon

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