BMS 12 Kobe A5 Japanese Wagyu Strip ~14oz

BMS 12 Kobe A5 Japanese Wagyu Strip ~14oz - Holy Grail Steak Co.

BMS 12 Kobe A5 Japanese Wagyu Strip ~14oz

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Holy Grail Steak Co. just received the extremely rare and highest possible grade of Kobe Beef: A5-grade BMS 12. 

To receive a BMS rating of 12, the beef must present at least 56.3% intramuscular fat, making it a masterpiece of marbling and flavor (remember: fat = flavor in beef). Due to the preference for smaller cattle and more concentrated flavors in Kobe, an A5-grade BMS 12 harvest is exceedingly rare and is therefore considered by many as the ultimate beef experience.

Product Details

Weight: 14 ounces
Cut: Strip, ¾-inch thick
Region: Hyogo Prefecture
Lineage: Japanese Black   (黒毛和種, Kuroge Washu)

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