The only thing better than a succulent slab of corned beef brisket, is a succulent slab of corned beef brisket made with some of the finest beef on Earth: Tajima American Wagyu. Your first bite of Holy Grail’s Tajima Wagyu Corned Beef is akin to savoring your favorite comfort food on a private yacht while sailing off the coast of Connemara.

When the first wave of Irish settlers disembarked on Ellis Island, St. Patrick’s Day was forever elevated.  In the early 1700s, beef in Ireland was a luxury.  Back then, an Irish table on Paddy's Day featured bacon (don’t think for a second we have anything against bacon). 

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Imagine the excitement of these lads and lassies when they stepped off the boat and discovered an ample supply of affordable, flavor-packed, generously marbled brisket! 

Hold onto your Smithwick’s, because America wasn’t finished with corned beef yet.  250 years later, a whole new wave of bovine immigration hit US shores, and Tajima Wagyu corned beef was born. 

If this is your first time buying American Wagyu, Kuroge Washu is the most sought after breed of the four Japanese varieties.  Tajima cattle—a descendant branch from the legendary Tajiri the “super bull”—is a bloodline of the Kuroge Washu we’ve all come to know and covet. 

Tajima American Wagyu Corned Beef is guaranteed to take center stage at your St. Patrick’s Day feast.  (Sorry cabbage).  At Holy Grail, we’re offering three different sizes of traditionally brined, American Wagyu brisket flat ranging from 2 - 5 pounds. 

Just add your favorite bottle Irish whiskey—we’re huge fans of the Teeling Single Pot Still—and continue the progression of everyone’s favorite Irish-American tradition. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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