Akaushi American Wagyu Bavette Steak

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This Akaushi American Wagyu Bavette steak is a true diamond in the rough. Part of our butcher cuts collection, this steak will take well to powerful marinades and can be cooked quickly over high heat. 

Not to be confused with a flank steak, we cut our bavette steak from the sirloin where the loose structure makes these ideal for marinading or as a stand alone. Intensely flavored and well marbled, the bavette is another great butcher cut that offers incredible value. Be sure to cut across the grain for a tender steak bite you won't soon forget.

Imported into the US on custom-outfitted 737's in the early 1990's, American Wagyu Akaushi Beef comes from the Japanese Red, a distinct and rare breed of Japanese Wagyu from the southern island of Kyushu.

Landing smack-dab in the middle of the marbling spectrum, Akaushi perfectly blends the intensity of Prime Angus with the succulence of Wagyu. With its lush, beefy flavor and "fork-tender", melt-in-your-mouth disposition, Akaushi will be for many of you The Holy Grail of Steak. If you love Prime Angus, you've got to try American Wagyu Akaushi Beef. Great on the grill or seared in cast-iron.

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~8oz Bavette Steak

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