Upper Prime Black Angus Essentials Flight

$314.00 USD

Fill your freezer with our Black Angus essentials for the Spring season. Whether you're inside cooking with a cast iron or the weather allows for some grilling, these Upper Prime essentials will be sure to satisfy.

Graded and marbled to perfection, our Upper Prime steaks go above and beyond the USDA's prime designation of "slightly abundant marbling." This results in a prime steak that is not only tender and juicy, but marbled to perfection. Our Upper Prime essentials flight will include ribeyes, strips, and filets to recreate the perfect steakhouse dinner experience at home. 

What You'll Get:

2x 16oz Upper Prime Black Angus Ribeyes

2x 16oz Upper Prime Black Angus Strip Steaks

2x 8oz Upper Prime Filets

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