Upper Prime Black Angus T-bone steak ~ 20 oz

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$59.00 USD

One of the steakhouse classics in our Upper Prime collection, our 20 oz Upper Prime Black Angus T-bone steak is well-marbled and brings the steakhouse experience directly to your doorstep. Expertly butchered from the loin section (which includes the loin strip and the tenderloin), this cut has a deep beefy flavor and performs incredibly on the grill -- we recommend searing the exterior quickly and cooking to an internal temperature of 130 (medium-rare). 

About our Upper Prime beef.  The vast majority of Prime steak today is actually lower Prime or, as the USDA puts it, "at least slightly abundant marbling". This goes a long way to explaining the rapid growth in the availability of USDA Prime steak in today's marketplace. However, we're here to tell you, NOT ALL PRIME IS CREATED EQUAL.

Enter Holy Grail's USDA "Upper" Prime Black Angus. Packed with beefy flavor, this is the most tender, succulent, and juicy Black Angus steak you can get. Our partner is arguably the best and most consistent Black Angus cattle producer in the country with the purest genetics around. With only about 1,000 head available each year and very high demand, their steaks can be found only at the best luxury steakhouses in the country - you won't find it at your local grocery store or butcher. Get 'em while you can. 

~20 oz Upper Prime T-bone steak

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