Mangalitsa Pork Steaks

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Often called the Kobe of pork, Mangalitsa meat is red in color and marbled with creamy white fat throughout. High in unsaturated fat, the lard in Mangalitsa pork is lighter than most, so it melts at a lower heat. This allows the fat to saturate the meat, delivering a rich, nutty flavor and unparalleled decadent tenderness.

This is not your average pork steak. This boneless cut of meat comes from the shoulder and is sometimes called a blade steak. This cut is much more common in the midwest and may fly under the radar for most people, but you can clearly see the difference in these Mangalitsa Pork Steaks. This cut has the most marbling and intramuscular fat of any of our Mangalitsa 'steak' cuts resulting in a juicy, rich steak unlike any other pork you've had before. 


2 x Pork Steaks (choose 1-2lbs total or 2-3lbs total)

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