Mangalitsa Pork Delmonico

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Long story short, this is the cut of pork that sold us on Mangalitsa. We were already blown away by the standard pork cuts we'd gotten from Mangalitsa. The vibrant red meat and creamy white fat bring an unrivaled flavor and texture in the pork world. They don't call it the Kobe beef of pork for no reason.

The Delmonico stands out because it seems like a steak, but with pork flavor. Our partner farm has changed the game when it comes to pork cuts and they are coming up with ways to mimic cuts you'd normally only find in beef. The Delmonico does beautifully on a grill - it gets a perfect crust, the texture is much like a beef steak, and the iconic Mangalitsa fat still shines through. 


2 x ~5-7oz Delmonico Steaks

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