Mangalitsa Hickory Smoked Maple Cured Bacon

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Referred to as the “Kobe beef of pork,” Mangalitsa meat is red in color and marbled with creamy white fat that results in a tender, supple texture and rich, nutty flavor. Their melt-in-your-mouth decadence has gained them recent culinary popularity, and they are highly sought after all over the world.

Not only is Mangalitsa pork higher in fat content, it contains more unsaturated fat than most pig breeds. This means their lard is lighter and melts at a lower temperature, providing a juicy, robust flavor that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. This bacon is for those who appreciate a good, fatty bacon with a natural sweetness. Save the leftover grease for a savory cooking oil substitute - we use it for eggs, potatoes, popcorn, and even baked goods! 

~1lb sliced bacon

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