Upper Prime Black Angus Dry-Aged NY Strip

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Product Description

**30+ Day DRY-AGED** 

We here at Holy Grail believe that quality is important when choosing a steak, especially one raised here in the USA. Currently, the USDA defines Prime steak as having only "slightly abundant marbling," which explains the rapid growth in the availability of USDA Prime steak in today's marketplace. We're here to tell you, NOT ALL PRIME IS CREATED EQUAL.

Enter Holy Grail's USDA "Upper" Prime Black Angus. Packed with "beefy" flavor, this is the most tender, succulent, and juicy Black Angus steak you can get. 

Learn more about dry-aged steaks and how to cook them here

Product Details

Weight: 16 oz

Cut: Dry-aged Strip

Region: USA

Lineage: Black Angus

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