BMS 12 Kobe A5 Japanese Wagyu Manhattan

BMS 12 Kobe A5 Japanese Wagyu Manhattan - Holy Grail Steak Co.

BMS 12 Kobe A5 Japanese Wagyu Manhattan

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Holy Grail Steak Co. just received the extremely rare and highest possible grade of Kobe Beef: A5-grade BMS 12. 

To receive a BMS rating of 12, the beef must present at least 56.3% intramuscular fat, making it a masterpiece of marbling and flavor (remember: fat = flavor in beef). Due to the preference for smaller cattle and more concentrated flavors in Kobe, an A5-grade BMS 12 harvest is exceedingly rare and is therefore considered by many as the ultimate beef experience. These hibachi strips come with two 4oz cubes, so they are the perfect serving size to share.

Product Details

Weight: 4oz
Cut: Manhattan
Region: Hyogo Prefecture
Lineage: Japanese Black   (黒毛和種, Kuroge Washu)

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