How to Make Wagyu Burgers at Home

How to Make Wagyu Burgers at Home

Whether you’re feeding a crowd or enjoying a backyard family barbecue, hamburgers are a tried-and-true favorite. They’re fairly easy to prepare and can be cooked in a variety of ways.

But just because you’re making a timeless classic doesn’t mean the meal has to be basic. Take your burger game to expert level with restaurant-quality luxury beef.

Here’s how to make Wagyu burgers at home.

What are Wagyu Burgers?

Japanese Wagyu comes from a Japanese cattle breed raised with the utmost care. Their ranchers keep close documentation of each cow’s bloodlines, history, and lifestyle. By maintaining transparent records, ranchers can assure consumers they’re receiving the highest quality Wagyu beef on the market.

Wagyu beef is renowned for its characteristic marbling. As the fat melts while cooking, it bastes the meat in flavorful juices. This gives the meat a delectable texture, flavor, and tenderness.

The demand for Wagyu beef is high, but supply is fairly low. Imported Japanese Wagyu can cost as much as $100 per pound. Regardless, it’s highly sought-after by renowned steakhouses, restaurants, and meat lovers alike. Many find Wagyu beef a little too rich and prefer the taste of American Wagyu. This is a crossbreed of Japanese Wagyu and American Black Angus cattle. The result is a slice of meat with the tenderness of Wagyu and the familiarity of beefy Angus flavor.

Whether you use Japanese or American Wagyu, burger patties are simply the ground meat from various cuts of these cattle. While you can generally prepare them as you would your regular hamburgers, you’re in for an unparalleled flavorful experience. You may never want to go back to your boring beef burgers again.

How to Make Wagyu Burgers at Home: 3 Simple Ways

To cook a Wagyu burger you can start by using our Wagyu ground beef or our pre-made frozen burger patties. Begin by thawing your Wagyu beef. Allowing them to reach room temperature helps them to cook more evenly. Form the meat into patties (generally around one-and-a-half inches thick) and take care not to overwork the meat.

Sprinkle each side with a little salt and pepper. Wagyu beef is so flavorful, you really don’t need any more seasoning than that.

Press a thumbprint into the middle of each patty to keep the centers from inflating, and you’re ready to cook your burgers.

Here are three ways to prepare Wagyu burger patties for a meal you won’t soon forget.

1. On the Grill

Whether you want to make Wagyu burgers on a gas grill or charcoal, light the fire and close the lid. Let the grill preheat for about 15 minutes to reach a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Set your burger patties directly onto the grate of the grill. Cook for about four minutes. Then flip them over with your spatula and cook for another four minutes or so. (Cooking time will vary depending on your desired doneness.)

The FDA advises an internal cooking temperature of no less than 160 degrees Fahrenheit for ground beef. Grilling tools like a handy meat thermometer can help ensure the correct temperature for your Wagyu burger.

When done, remove the beef from the heat and let rest for two minutes. Move the patties to their buns, top with your favorite condiments, and enjoy.

2. In the Oven

Not everyone prefers to grill their burgers. Here’s how to cook Wagyu beef burgers in the oven.

Preheat the oven for low broil, then set your Wagyu burger patties on a broiler pan. Place the pan on a rack in the oven at about six inches from the broiler. Cook until the patties begin to brown on top (about four minutes).

Remove the pan, flip the patties with a spatula, and put them back in the oven. Cook until the other side begins to brown (about four minutes). Take the meat out of the oven, let it rest for a couple of minutes, and assemble your burgers.

3. On the Stove

Many home chefs prefer their cast-iron skillet as their main cooking tool. Delicious Wagyu burgers can definitely be cooked this way.

Warm the skillet on the stove over high heat. Add about a tablespoon of butter to keep the meat from sticking to the pan. Set the patty in the skillet and wait for the bottom to brown (about four minutes). Then flip with a spatula and cook the other side of the patty.

Cover the skillet with a lid and let the meat cook for about seven minutes for a medium-rare burger. Remove the meat, set it aside, and let it rest for about five minutes. By letting the meat rest before you cut or bite into it, the meat is able to seal in its juicy flavor. Build your burgers and serve.

Things to Note About Cooking Wagyu Burgers

Although cooking techniques are very similar to regular beef burgers’, Wagyu meat has a very different makeup. It’s important to know a few things before cooking your own:

  • Store them quickly: When you purchase Wagyu beef patties online, they’ll arrive in state-of-the-art vacuum packaging. As soon as they arrive, be sure to put them right in your freezer. The less exposure to air your meat has, the lower the chances your beef will experience freezer burn.
  • Mind their high-fat content: Wagyu burgers are especially delicious because of their high-fat content. However, this fat content means Wagyu beef cooks much faster than your typical beef burgers. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your burger patties as they’ll be done sooner than you expect.
  • Don’t overcook: Wagyu burgers are at their peak tenderness, flavor, and juiciness when served medium-rare. This is noteworthy, as many home chefs cook regular burger patties until they’re well-done.

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