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Sakura American Wagyu

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    Sakura Wagyu Farms is producing some of the most incredible American Wagyu that we've ever had the pleasure of grilling.  

    A relative newcomer to the American Wagyu scene, the folks at Sakura brought together experienced individuals in genetics, cow-calf production, nutrition and feeding with the goal of producing superior marbling in their cattle. Hailing from the heartland of Ohio, Sakura's cattle are fed an all-vegetarian diet and allowed to grow slowly, for more than 400 days, without the use of growth stimulants or antibiotics.  

    As part of this process, Sakura partners with family ranchers who must follow their strict protocols on weaning, feed, and nutrition content of the diet. Simply put, they don’t take any shortcuts ensuring that their cattle are raised humanely, and in the healthiest way possible.  The results speak for themselves - we hope that you enjoy.

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