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Grass-fed Programs

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    100% Grass-fed - Holy Grail's 100% grass-fed, grass-finished steaks are produced with classic "steakhouse" steak-lovers in mind. No gaminess, just tender, robust beef from 28 months of open-pasture Oklahoma's high-quality grass belt. Like fine wine in a barrel, the results are worth the wait - tender, juicy steaks with a beefy complexity akin to fine Burgundy.

    Mostly Grass-fed - the idea that its unhealthy to feed cattle anything other than grass is misleading. Well managed nutritional and custom feed programs not only healthy, happy cattle but beef with diverse, high quality flavor profiles. Of course, all Holy Grail programs are hormone and antibiotic free and all of our beef is incredibly good for you.

      • USDA "Upper" Prime Black Angus  - these cattle are raised for 80-85% of their lives on lush grass pasture in California, Oregon and Montana before heading to to one ranch in rural (redacted - top secret) where they finish out on wholesome, certified non-GMO corn and other forages grown right on the family farm. 
      • American-Raised Wagyu and Sher Farms Australian-Raised Wagyu spend 18-20 months on open pasture and another 13-14 months on a Japanese style feeding ration.
      • Certified Akaushi Fullblood Wagyu spend about 12-14 months on open pasture and the other 8-10 months on a customized feed ration, again similar to Japanese Wagyu but with more roughage/forage and on the lighter side of the energy spectrum to create a more complex beef flavor.
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      3 products
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      Grass Fed Boneless Ribeye Roast
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