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54 products

    54 products
    Akaushi American Wagyu Gift Flight - Holy Grail Steak Co.
    Akaushi American Wagyu Gift Pack
    The Holy Grail Japanese A5 Wagyu Blend Burger
    Tajima American Wagyu Boneless Short Ribs
    from $129.00
    Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Strip : 2 Pack - Holy Grail Steak Co.
    Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Strip Steak: 2 Pack
    OLSSON'S Australian Sea Salt Flakes -250g Stoneware Jar
    OLSSON'S Australian Red Gum Smoked Salt - 90g Stoneware Jar
    Tajima American Wagyu Prestige Ribeye Steak ~ 20oz.
    Mangalitsa Boneless Smoked Ham
    from $69.00
    Yarra Valley Australian Caviar - Smoked Salmon Roe Pearls - 100g tin
    The Holy Grail Spring Meat Locker
    Wagyu Down Under Tour : Ultimate Australian Pack
    Tajima American Wagyu Essentials Flight
    Tajima Date Night Flight for Two
    Tajima American Wagyu Corned Top Round Roast
    from $220.00
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