Akaushi American Wagyu Flank Steak

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Akaushi American Wagyu Flank Steak

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This certified Akaushi American Wagyu Flank Steak lands somewhere between Prime Black Angus and A5 Japanese Wagyu. Akaushi perfectly blends the intense beefy flavor of Prime Angus with the succulence of Wagyu.

For those of you that love flank steak on the grill, cooked to a perfect medium rare, this particular cut is ready to impress you. Slice it thin and be sure to cut against the grain to get the most out of this tender flank steak. 

Imported into the US on custom-outfitted 737's in the early 1990's, American Wagyu Akaushi Beef comes from the Japanese Red, a distinct and rare breed of Japanese Wagyu from the southern island of Kyushu.

Learn more about Akaushi American Wagyu Beef here

Texas raised.

~10oz Flank steak

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