Tajima American Wagyu Teres Major - 8 oz

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One of the secret cuts of the chuck, the tender, beefy-flavored Teres Major is part of the Butcher's Cut category of steaks because it often never made it into the case and instead found it's way one to his family's table. It most resembles a Filet Mignon because it is leaner and more tender, but without the Filet Mignon price. Equally incredible on the grill and pan-seared, add this cut to your culinary repertoire and treat your guests to their new favorite steak.

Tajima American Wagyu Beef is hand selected at harvest and perfectly aged - these steaks are the pinnacle of the American-raised Wagyu world. A perfect cut for those of you who want an experience that falls somewhere in-between A4 and A5 Japanese Wagyu, about 7-8 BMS on the Japanese marbling scale. Like fois gras, a little goes a long way here and this steak is likely to satisfy two people.

A blend of Wagyu and Angus genetics then periodically over-layered with Fullblood Wagyu genetics, our top-end program is overseen by the Godfather of Japanese Wagyu, Mr. Shogo Takeda, who feeds out the cattle a traditional yet proprietary Japanese Wagyu diet with high-quality Midwest ingredients for two to three times longer than commercial cattle. These animals are humanely raised and harvested with no added hormones or antibiotics.

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