Santa Carota Carrot Finished Tomahawk Steak

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If you want a cut of meat that packs a punch and makes a lasting impression, then our Santa Carota carrot finished Tomahawk steak is for you. This center-cut, bone-in ribeye and rib cap surround a huge 2-inch thick bone. This one piece of meat can easily feed three to four people.

The newest product in the Holy Grail Co. portfolio of Tomahawk steaks, these cuts are not only bursting with delectable beefy flavor. They’re the most tender, juicy Angus steaks you’ll ever taste. 

Santa Carota beef comes from free-range cattle that are never kept in feeding pens. This grass-fed beef enjoys a diet complete with fresh, juicy carrots.

Primarily 88% moisture, the carrots soak the beef muscle tissue with sweet juices and natural sugars that break down the meat for mouth-watering tenderness. This is why you won’t feel fatigued after a meal of carrot finished Tomahawk steak.

Santa Carota carrot finished beef doesn’t just taste good. It’s good for you. These steaks are non-GMO and are completely free of hormones and antibiotics. Carrots enrich the meat with B12 and beta-carotene, which boost immunity and promote skin and eye health.

Whether you’re a foodie, a fine dining aficionado, or a meat-loving caveman, Santa Carota prestige carrot finished Tomahawk steaks are the perfect steak for you. 

Our steaks also make great gifts. We vacuum seal each product to protect and preserve its quality. We use state-of-the-art shipping methods to ensure each steak arrives at your door, perfectly aged and ready to impress.

At Holy Grail Co., we know you depend on us for high-quality steaks and meats. We pride ourselves on connecting with a community of ranchers and farmers who help us develop our selection of premium products you’re sure to enjoy.

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