Santa Carota Carrot Finished Strip Steak

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Holy Grail Steak Co. announces our newest addition to our grass-fed beef selection, Santa Carota carrot finished strip steak. This cut of meat comes from the short loin, a muscle that does little work, so it’s already a tender steak to enjoy. But it’s the way these cattle are raised that makes the real difference.

These cows are never kept in feedlots and are free to roam their California ranch. A grass-fed diet is supplemented with an endless supply of fresh carrots, which are the secret ingredient in this beef’s incredible texture and flavor. Comprised of 88% moisture, the carrots infuse sweet juices into the beef muscle tissue, and their sugars act as an enzyme that reacts with the meat, making it especially succulent. 

Not only does Santa Carota’s carrot finished beef taste good. It’s good for you. Santa Carota beef is hormone-free, non-GMO, and uses no antibiotics. Completely organic, these strip steaks are high in B12 and beta-carotene, so they’re a healthy addition to your diet that won’t leave you feeling fatigued at the end of your meal. 

Sear them in a pan or cook them on the grill, but get your taste buds ready. Their low levels of saturated fat allow Santa Carota carrot finished strip steaks to cook 20-30% faster than regular beef. These incredible strip steaks are perfect for any meat lover. Treat yourself to a delicious meal or send some as a gift. Either way, we know everyone will love these robust, flavorful steaks. 

At Holy Grail Co., we pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class meats conveniently to your door. Our packaging process ensures you’ll receive perfectly-aged, preserved, and protected steaks that are of the utmost quality. 

~ 16oz Strip Steak

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