Santa Carota Carrot Finished Flat Iron

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Nothing exemplifies our values here at Holy Grail more than our Santa Carota carrot-finished beef program. A rich source of moisture and sugar, carrots infuse beef muscle tissue with sweet juices and act as a dry-aging enzyme leaving the meat tender and juicy. The cattle are free to roam and are never kept in feed lots. The program keeps up to 1 million pounds of carrots out of landfills every day.

All the meats from this program are:

  • Hormone-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMA
  • Have no added antibiotics 
  • Organically raised
  • High in B12 and beta-carotene.

This flat iron steak is no exception, cut from the top blade of the cow and resulting in a deliciously tender cut of meat. 


1 x ~8oz Flat Iron

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