Santa Carota Carrot Finished Filet Mignon

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$30.00 USD

Holy Grail Steak Co. is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our grass-fed beef portfolio. Santa Carota carrot finished filet mignon is our most tender cut of beef yet. Lean, elegant, and melt-in-your-mouth succulence, the secret ingredient to this steak's decadence may surprise you.

This is grass-fed beef whose diet is completed with an endless supply of fresh carrots. Carrots are 88% moisture, so they infuse beef muscle tissue with sweet juices. Their natural sugars break down the meat for an especially juicy, tender filet mignon. As a result, unlike regular beef, Santa Carota beef doesn't leave you feeling heavy at the end of your meal.

Organic, carrot finished beef is a healthy addition to your diet. It's hormone free, uses no antibiotics, and is non-GMO. These Santa Carota carrot finished filet mignon steaks are high in B12 and beta-carotene, promoting healthy skin, strengthening the immune system, and building strong vision.

Pop them in an oven, sauté them in a pan, or grill them to perfection. Either way, set the table and prepare yourself for quite the experience. Santa Carota carrot finished filet mignon steaks are low in saturated fat, so they cook 20-30% faster than regular beef. For so many reasons, these delicious steaks are ideal for any meat lover. Gift one to a friend or buy one for yourself. Either way, you're sure to enjoy these mouth-watering steaks.

At Holy Grail Co., we know you care deeply about the quality and provenance of your food. That's why we only provide a best-in-class selection of prime meats. Our shipments are carefully vacuum sealed and packaged to preserve and protect our products' quality so that we can deliver world-class selections to your doorstep.

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