Santa Carota Butcher Cuts Flight

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This top tier collection of butcher cuts from our Santa Carota Prestige Carrot Finished Beef program is an excellent way to branch out and try some of the more uncommon beef cuts. Santa Carota beef is high in B12, low in saturated fat, and continues to win over customers with its unique characteristics. Whether you are trying out new preparation methods or wanting to find your new favorite cut, this flight is the perfect choice to sample and compare. 


2 x Santa Carota Prestige ~8oz Filet Tips

2 x Santa Carota Prestige ~8oz Zabuton

2 x Santa Carota Prestige ~8oz Chuck Eye Steak

2 x Santa Carota Prestige ~8oz Top Sirloin

2 x Santa Carota Prestige ~8oz Hibachi Strip 

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