Rib Roast

Most “prime” rib roasts aren’t USDA Prime at all, just “prime rib”  - a grandfathered term having nothing to do with the USDA designation reserved for highly marbled beef.

 Holy Grail’s Prime Rib Roasts are certified USDA Prime and our hand-selected roasts are the pinnacle of “Upper” Prime Black Angus – only about .5% of the beef produced today. These amazing roasts have been perfectly-aged and ship just in time for a Holiday Feast that will be remembered for months to come!

On offer today are the following 3- and  5-rib roasts (assume two serving per rib). 

  1. Bone-in Upper Prime Rib Roast (bones are loosened and tied-back for easy removal after cooking)
  2. 35-day, dry-aged Bone-in Upper Prime Rib Roast (fully frenched for service on the bone)

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