Ozaki Farm A5 Strip Steak - Miyazaki 13-15oz.

The only Wagyu farmer in Japan with his name on the label, Muneharu Ozaki has spent the last 30 years dialing in his program in the mild climate of Miyazaki Prefecture on the southern Island of Kyushu. Relentless dedication to the continuous improvement of his herd has resulted is one the most revered Wagyu steaks in Japan.

Over the years he's developed his own custom feeding formula with Italian ryegrass, sudangrass, and rice straw grown on his 5-hectare property and augmented with a home-made, organic mix of 12 ingredients including barley, corn, and beer mash. Never let it be said all grass/feed is created equal.

Now, for the first time, this Wagyu is available to US consumers and you'll only find it at Holy Grail Steak Co.

13-15oz. steak

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