Legends of Japan

Featuring A5-grade steaks from Chateau Uenae in snowy Hokkaido, Omi Beef in Shiga prefecture and Hida Beef from Gifu, this collection represents the finest beef from Japan.

Chateau Uenae's Hokkaido Snow Beef needs little introduction either. The rarest steak  on planet earth, its legendary for its combination of Wagyu umami flavors with a "beefy" quality found in western breeds like Angus and Hereford.

The Cattle of the Lake The Omi Beef brand is the oldest in Japan, with a history that dates back more than 400 years when it was routinely served by the Shogun to his warlords and came to be known as the "Emperors Beef".

Hida Beef (Hidagyu) is derived from the worlds most prodigious bull, Yasafuku, who was imported from Kobe and sired over 30,000 offspring in Gifu prefecture, the best of whom become the legendary Hidagyu.

With the finest genetics, highest-quality proprietary feedstuffs, and raised with a meticulousness and attention-to-detail reserved for the finest wine estates, these are the best steaks the world has to offer.

Each Legends of Japan Sampler contains the following:

1 x Chateau Uenae "Snow Beef" Ribeye (13oz.)

1 x Hida Beef Ribeye Steak (13+oz)

1 x Omi Beef Ribeye (13+oz.)