Hitachi-Gyu A5 Wagyu Flat Iron

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Our Hitachi Gyu Flat Iron meat comes from the prized Japanese Black cattle of the Greater Tokyo Area. Raised with the utmost care and respect, these cows enjoy clean, spacious barns and a strict diet of the best locally-grown feed. They’re free of antibiotics and hormones, and ranchers keep meticulous records about their history, bloodlines, and lifestyle to ensure consumers are receiving premium beef. As a result, these cattle earn the highest grading for quality, making them well-coveted by Michelin Star restaurants, steakhouses, and foodies alike.

Only in recent years has the flat iron steak begun growing in popularity. Because of its location at the chuck shoulder primal, it’s attached by lots of sinew, making consistent butchering difficult. However, researchers have perfected the process and it is now a sought-after piece of meat. Our Hitachi Gyu Flat Iron has the signature marbling of Wagyu beef, which results in a decadent, tender piece of meat packed with robust flavor. It’s also a more affordable cut of meat, making it even more appealing to amateur and professional chefs alike.

Our Hitachi Gyu Flat Iron Steak is very lean, yet its marbling enhances its juicy, beefy taste. It’s a versatile piece of meat and can be used in several delicious applications. You could pan fry it for a traditional stir fry dish. Grill it for decadent fajitas. Smoke it, broil it, or put it in a slow cooker. Of course, it can always be pan-seared and served as a medium-rare steak for feeding a group of people. Because Wagyu beef is so rich, a little goes a long way to feed a crowd.

Holy Grail Steak Co. offers an impressive portfolio of high-quality meats. We’re proud to include Hitachi Gyu Flat Iron Steak in our collection. Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal or a unique gift, our Hitachi Gyu Flat Iron Steak is a premium choice.

~ 1x 8oz Hitachi-Gyu Japanese A5 Wagyu Flat Iron Steak

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