Hitachi-Gyu A5 Wagyu Strip Steak

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Our Hitachi Gyu strip steak is of the highest quality and comes from the premier Japanese Black cattle prized for its superiority. Hailing from the Ibaraki prefecture, where soil and climate conditions are perfect for raising cattle, Hitachi Gyu are raised with the greatest care and concern. Bloodlines are tracked with careful documentation, living conditions include spacious, well-ventilated barns, and diets consist of locally-grown feed free of antibiotics.

Hitachi Gyu are world renowned for their meat’s incredible texture and tantalizing taste. It’s marbled with swirls of fat that, when melted, bastes the meat in juicy flavor and gives it a buttery tenderness. The Hitachi Gyu Strip Steak will melt in your mouth and entice even the most discerning palate. Graded the highest-quality meat, Hitachi Gyu is coveted by Michelin Star restaurants, steakhouses, and meat lovers alike.

Our Hitachi Gyu Strip Steak comes from the short loin (along the back behind the rib cage) and is actually part of the T-bone cut. It’s an underused muscle, so the meat is exceptionally tender. It’s also a relatively large piece of meat, making it a great cut to feed a group of people. This is especially true since Wagyu beef is extremely rich, so a serving size is just one or two ounces each.

Although it’s typically served as a pan-seared or grilled steak, Hitachi Gyu Strip Steak is also used in salads and sandwiches. Even though it has a high fat content, Hitachi Gyu is an extremely healthy meat and a great addition to a balanced diet.

At Holy Grail Steak Co., we pride ourselves on offering our customers a portfolio of premium meats. Our state-of-the-art shipping methods enable us to deliver quality meat directly to your door, protected and preserved and ready to thaw. 

Whether you’re planning a special meal, are looking for a new dish for your weekly dinner rotation, or are in the market for a unique gift idea, our Hitachi Gyu Strip Steak is an excellent choice.

~ 1x 14oz Hitachi-Gyu Japanese A5 Wagyu Strip Steak

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