Hitachi-Gyu A5 Wagyu Picanha Steak

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The Hitachi Gyu A5 Wagyu Picanha is located along the back of the cow, above the butt, and rests on a fat cap. While American butchers tend to separate this piece of meat into smaller cuts, it is traditionally eaten as one piece. Similar to sirloin, Hitachi Gyu Picanha is a lean piece of tender meat, juicy and packed with flavor.

Hitachi-Gyu Picanha is especially sought-after because it comes from the prized Japanese Black cattle of the Ibaraki prefecture. There, not only are the land’s soil and climate conditions ideal for cattle raising. Ranchers take great care in tending to these animals, ensuring they have the very best living conditions. From spacious, clean barns to a specific diet of quality feed, Hitachi-Gyu cattle are never given antibiotics or hormones. As a result, their meat earns an A5 quality grade, the highest in the industry.

Wagyu beef are renowned for the buttery texture and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of their flavorful meat. This is due to the signature marbling of fat that runs through their meat. When melted, the fat infuses the meat with incredible flavor and juiciness. Hitachi-Gyu cuts are so rich that a serving size is only one to two ounces per person. Despite its high fat content, Hitachi-Gyu is healthy for you and can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Hitachi-Gyu Picanha can be prepared numerous ways. Cook it on a rotisserie or in a smoker. Sear it on a grill, then slice it against the grain into individual sirloin cuts. Put them back on the grill and cook until medium. To maximize the meat’s flavor profile, we recommend you cut the meat with the fat cap still attached.

At Holy Grail Steak Co., we offer several premium cuts of meat perfect for special occasions, everyday meals, or gift ideas for food aficionados. We can deliver Hitachi-Gyu Picanha directly to your door, preserved, protected, and ready to prepare.

~ 1x 6-8oz Hitachi-Gyu Japanese A5 Wagyu Picanha Steak

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