Grass Fed Prime Outside Skirt Steak

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True to our company's name, our Grass-Fed Prime program represents a "holy grail" in the beef world - all the complex taste that you expect from a grass-fed steak with the buttery richness of a Prime-graded steak. 

This Grass Fed Prime Outside Skirt Steak is a rare cut that stands on its own but can also handle high heat grilling and flavorful sauces. When comparing outside skirt to inside skirt, outside skirt is more desirable because it comes from the diaphragm making it quite tender.

As you can imagine, these Grass-fed Prime cuts represent a very small fraction of all Prime steaks on the market, and we're happy to bring them to you. The difference comes down to genetics - cattle in this program that are predisposed to develop rich, lush marbling - mixed with a proprietary grass-only feeding protocol that still allows for the genetics to shine through and develop into incredible beef. 

Like fine wine in a barrel, the results are worth the wait - tender, juicy steaks with a beefy complexity akin to fine Burgundy.

1 x 16oz Grass Fed Prime Skirt Steak

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