Sanuki Olive Beef A5 Hibachi Steaks - Kagawa Prefecture

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From Shodoshima Island in Kagawa comes Sanuki Olive Beef, one of the rarest and most unique expressions of Japanese Wagyu. Shodoshima produces 99% of Japan's olive oil so, logically and in accordance with the Japanese principle of mottaini or "waste nothing", local enterprising farmer Masaka Ishii discovered a method of roasting and carmelized olive pressings from the local artisanal olive oil production to make it attractive to the local cattle. The results were beyond anyone's expectations, resulting in a combination of incredible texture, unique aroma, and unparalleled umami explosion that you'll only find in Sanuki Olive Beef. This is a truly unique Wagyu experience.

Recently, Sanuki Olive beef emerged from obscurity when, in 2017, it was awarded top honors for fat quality at Japan's Wagyu Olympics. Its also happens to have the highest Oleic acid concentration of any beef on the planet.

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