Chateau Uenae A5 "Founder's Reserve" Ribeye - Hokkaido 12-14oz.

Among the rarest steaks in Japan, Chateau Uenae's Founder's Reserve steaks showcase the unique combination of epic weather conditions, decades of superior breeding protocols, and high quality seasonal forages that produce superbly marbled beef with a unique structure and complexity. Sourced from cattle raised on a lakefront farm in Hokkaido, the cold, snowy, and pristine northernmost island of Japan, this incredibly marbled beef is like nothing else on the planet. As with great vineyards, the "diurnal swing" or delta between day and night temperatures not to mention seasonal temperatures, combines to promote perfectly dispersed marbling and intense beef flavor.

Exclusively available for purchase at Holy Grail Steak Co.


12-14oz. steak

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