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The Butcher Cuts Tasting flight combines the best butcher cuts from three of our top steak programs. This is your opportunity to taste and compare the complex differences in texture between the zabuton, bavette and flat iron. Each known for their unique characteristics, you'll see why all of them are a cut above the rest.

The Santa Carota Carrot Fed Flat Iron steak is cut from the top blade and makes one hell of a tender steak. It goes by some other names such as the butter steak and probably its most formal name, the boneless top chuck.  This steak was raised on grass and finished carrots adding to its flavor and texture. 

The American Wagyu Zabuton, also known as a Denver steak, is well marbled and easily cooked on the grill. This cut is versatile enough to be the star of your next great steak sandwich or on top of an epic salad.

This Grass-Fed Bavette steak is a rare treat. Part of our butcher cuts collection, this steak will take well to powerful marinades and can be cooked quickly over high heat. 

What You'll Get

2 x 8oz Santa Carota Carrot Fed Flat Iron Steaks

2 x 8oz Tajima American Wagyu Zabuton

2 x 8oz Grass Fed Bavette Steaks

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