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Expand your steak repertoire with these butcher cuts that are perfect for cooking over the fire this grilling season.

Zabuton (or "little pillow" in Japanese). Great on the grill or in the pan and hailing from a well-marbled section of the chuck, it is also known as a "Denver Steak" to your mom and dad. But we submit that a Wagyu Zabuton Steak is an entirely different cut altogether; cut across the grain to amplify its tenderness, the buttery marbling takes this Butcher Cut to new heights.  

The Bavette steak is often associated with flank but we cut ours from the sirloin where the loose structure makes these ideal for marinating or as a stand alone. Intensely flavored and well marbled, the bavette steak is another great butcher cut that offers incredible value.

Our Flat Iron steak is expertly butchered and is usually the second most tender steak behind the tenderloin. Well marbled and intensely flavored, the Flat Iron steak is one of those secret butcher cuts that offers incredible value and will likely become your favorite cut.

These American Wagyu Hibachi Steaks are carved by our amazingly talented butchers from the end of the striploin, where we cut NY Strip steaks. These 8oz. Hibachi strip steaks are perfect for grilling. You get all that amazing strip steak flavor and tenderness for a fraction of the price!

Here's what you get:

2 x 8 oz Tajima American Wagyu Zabuton

1 x 8 oz Tajima American Wagyu Bavette

2 x 8 oz Tajima American Wagyu Flat Iron

2 x 8 oz Tajima American Wagyu Hibachi Strip

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