Backyard BBQ American Wagyu Steak Flight

$299.00 USD $375.00 USD

Ribeye or Strip Steak? Which would you choose? The war wages on. Don't worry if you can't decide which is your favorite. Holy Grail has built the perfect flight to give you one of each from the best American Wagyu you'll ever taste. 

Landing somewhere between Prime Black Angus and A5 Japanese Wagyu, Certified Akaushi American Wagyu perfectly blends the intense beefy flavor of Prime Angus with the succulence of Wagyu.

Our Tajima American Wagyu steaks are a blend of Wagyu and Angus genetics that are periodically over-layered with Fullblood Wagyu genetics, our top-end program is overseen by the Godfather of Japanese Wagyu, Mr. Shogo Takeda, who feeds out the cattle a traditional yet proprietary Japanese Wagyu diet with high-quality Midwest ingredients for two to three times longer than commercial cattle.

Here's what you'll get:

1 x 16 oz. Akaushi Ribeyes

1 x 16 oz. Akaushi Strip Steak

1 x 16 oz Tajima American Wagyu Ribeye

1 x 16 oz Tajima American Wagyu Strip Steak

8 x 8 oz. Tajima Brisket, Short-Rib Burgers


Holy Grail Offers the World's greatest portfolio of Wagyu Beef

Ultra Rare A5 Grade, BMS 12 Kobe Beef is coming soon - reserve your access today. 

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