American Strip Steak Sampler

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Steak Tourism at its finest. For many, the strip steak is the ultimate cross of a firm, beefy texture while keeping the juicy, succulent, savory experience of other impressive cuts.  It has a rightful place in our greatest hits, as it's easily in the top five in sales for every program we offer. 

So you know the cut - now you can get to know the programs. You'll have the best of American Angus, with our Upper Prime and Santa Carota programs. Then you can compare American Wagyu side by side to see if you prefer the Black Tajima line or the Red Akaushi.  Four amazing programs, all worth savoring. 

1 x Tajima American Wagyu Strip ~16oz

1 x Santa Carota Prestige Strip ~16oz

1 x Upper Prime Black Angus Strip ~16oz

1 x Akaushi American Wagyu ~16oz

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