A5 Wagyu Tour Special Offer

Like fine wine, each of these steaks tells a different story with unique genetics, feedstuffs, and environment. Here's what to expect in this sensational wagyu tour pack:

Ribeye #1: In Kumamoto, the focus is on the rare Japanese Brown Wagyu (a.k.a. the “Kumamoto Red” - due to the cherry red meat these animals produce). While the "Reds" tend to be leaner, our selection is from a 30-month old steer program where the marbling is robust.

Ribeye #2: Oita’s “Bungo” beef (Bungogyu) - their highest designation within the prefecture - is legendary for its beautiful marbling dispersion and very high omega-3 fat content and draws tourists from throughout Japan to partake in its umami richness. Both Oita and Kumamoto are famous for their highly volcanic soils which produce unusually high quality feedstuffs.

Ribeye #3: Family owned Hasegawa Farm in Saitama uses a very unique diet of sake lees, beer pulp, apple peels, and pineapple chips mixed with rice bran and mineral rich spring water (you’d be amazed how important good water is to beef flavor). All of this amounts to an umami rich, fragrant beef that cannot be replicated anywhere else. With only 350 head going to market a year, it's no wonder the Bushugyu is almost completely unheard of on the internet. We at Holy Grail Steak Co. are proud to be the first to offer you this beef in the US.