Holy Grail  Gift Guide

Exclusively available online at Holy Grail Steak Co., Kobe Beef is simply the most sought-after beef on the planet. 


Like fine wine, each of these steaks tells a different story with unique genetics, feedstuffs, and environment. 

1 x Bushugyu Ribeye

1 x Kumamoto Ribeye

1 x Oita Ribeye


This 6-Pack has more 'fork tenderness' than anything you'll ever eat in a steakhouse.  Texas-raised Akaushi is a perfect example of the amazing beef that comes combining two legendary lineages.


Simply Epic. Hand selected at harvest and perfectly aged, these steaks are the pinnacle of the American-raised Wagyu world. 

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Featuring A5-grade steaks from Chateau Uenae in snowy Hokkaido, Omi Beef in Shiga prefecture and Hida Beef from Gifu, this collection represents the finest beef from Japan.