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Santa Carota Carrot Fed Hibachi Strip Steak

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Carrots aren’t just for the bunnies anymore! Foodies on the hunt for a juicy, tender cut of meat know the benefits of how the cattle are raised. Enter our Santa Carota Carrot Finished Hibachi Steak. After all, the cows need their beta carotene and B vitamins too!

Just imagine yourself sitting at the dinner table enjoying a nice hibachi steak with veggies and fried rice. The mere thought makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Now, just think about the added benefit you’re getting when you choose carrot finished beef for your meal.

When the cows are carrot finished, it makes the beef juicier and more flavorful. So good, in fact, that you won’t need any dipping sauce for your hibachi steak! Not only that, but the meat becomes even more nutritious as the additional vitamins the cows consume go right back into the beef that makes its way to your kitchen. 

With our grass-fed carrot finished beef, it’s more than just exceptional flavor. It’s also about the health benefits, which is why at Holy Grail we prioritize providing only the best to our customers. The cows are fed plenty of carrots, filling their muscle tissue with moisture, creating more juice and tenderness. The meats are always non-GMO, free from hormones, and free of any added antibiotics. Our Santa Carota carrot finished beef is also low in saturated fat as well.

That means you can feel good about enjoying our hibachi steaks in any of the recipes you whip up. The question isn’t whether or not it’s worth it. It’s what you’re going to cook with it.

~ 8oz Hibachi Strip Steak

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