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Grass-fed Prime Teres Major Steak ~8 oz

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$18.90 USD $21.00 USD

Introducing Holy Grail's new Grass-fed Prime Beef program.

We've been working on this new program for a long time, and we can assure you that the wait was worth it. This new program represents a "holy grail" in the beef world - all the complex taste that you expect from a grass-fed steak with the buttery richness of a Prime-graded steak. Cattle in this program are predisposed to develop rich, lush marbling - and are fed a proprietary grass-only feeding protocol that still allows for the genetics to shine through and develop into incredible beef. 

Like fine wine in a barrel, the results are worth the wait - tender, juicy steaks with a beefy complexity akin to fine Burgundy.

1 x Teres Major steak ~8 oz

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