Chef's Trio

We've hand-selected a trio of our most stunning cuts, all of which are butchered to the precise specifications of top steakhouse chefs. All of these cuts hail from our Steakhouse Direct program and are graded USDA "Upper" Prime.  

The Filet Mignon steaks have more fat on the exterior, which better holds in juices and adds richness and flavor to the lush tenderness of this classic. Both the Cowboy Ribeye and the Kansas City Strip steak are presented bone-in and dry-aged 30+ days to perfection - a culinary symphony of umami sensation.  There's no wonder why these are chef favorites the world over.  


2 x Chef's Cut Filet Mignon ~ 8oz each
2 x Dry-Aged Cowboy Ribeye ~ 20-22oz each
2 x Dry-Aged Kansas City Strip steaks ~ 16oz each

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