Steakhouse Direct Dry-Aged Tomahawk ~40oz.

About Steakhouse Direct. From day one, our mission at Holy Grail has been to bring the high-end restaurant experience into your home. COVID-19 has touched every facet of American life but none more so than the restaurant industry (with more sole proprietors than any other sector I can think of) and its supply chain. 

While we are not in a position to help restaurants themselves, we are working with their supply chain – some of the best in the business - to re-direct inventories from dry-aging rooms and high-end programs to your kitchen and grill. These steaks are the cream of the crop with every piece hand-selected, aged five- or six-times longer than a grocery steak, and precision cut to the standards of the world's most demanding chefs. 

About Dry-Aging.  We take select steaks from the top programs in the the world and then put them through a 30+ day dry aging program, simultaneously creating new and intensifying exiting flavors while naturally-present enzymes break down collagen, which holds muscle fibers together and causes the steak toughen during cooking. With these molecular bonds broken down, these steaks achieve a level of umami-filled tenderness that that can only be described as pure luxury on a plate.  

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