The Ultimate A5 Kobe Flight

"Holy Grail is the nation’s premier vendor of Japanese beef, period, end of discussion." -  Larry Olmstead, Forbes Magazine

Experience the full array of Kobe steaks in this never-before-assembled selection of the world's finest beef.  

About Kobe Beef:  Considered by many the pinnacle of steak, Kobe is simply the most sought-after beef on the planet. Named after the city of Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture, this remote regions isolated genetics allowed for the development of what is known today as the Tajima line, a very pure genetic breed of cattle whose DNA has been sought after and spread to other cattle throughout Japan but which remains unadulterated in the Kobe region, its purity jealously guarded by the small farmers that comprise the Kobe association. Kobe Beef is extremely rare with under 1,000 head a year exported for the entire globe.


1 x Kobe Strip ~ 14 oz
1 x Kobe Ribeye ~ 14 oz
1 x Kobe Filet ~ 8 oz
1 x Kobe Hibachi Strip ~ 8 oz

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