Japanese Wagyu Estates

Akin to the worlds great wine estates, Hokkaido's Chateau Uenae and Kagoshima's Ozaki Farm represent the singular vision of their founders. Combining the best genetics, pristine environs, and world-class feeding and handling protocols, "Wagyu Meisters" Fujio Terauchi and and Muneharu Ozaki produce beef that rivals or even surpasses the legendary beef brands of Japan. This is true Craft Beef.
Each steak is 13-14 oz.
1 x Chateau Uenae Founder's Reserve Ribeye
1 x Chateau Uenae Founder's Reserve Strip Steak
1 x Omi Farm Tenderloin
1 x Ozaki Farm Ribeye
1 x Ozaki Farm Strip Steak

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