Australian-Raised Wagyu

Australian-Raised Wagyu - Since the 1990's, Australians have focused with passion and determination to breed and raise Japanese Wagyu in an effort to rival the Japanese. Holy Grail is the exclusive partner of Sher Farms, the pioneers of Japanese Wagyu genetics in Australia 25-years-ago. Like a good vineyard, it takes about 8-10 years to get a herd dialed-in, and Sher Farms Wagyu program is absolutely singing after 25 years of Kaizen, the Japanese concept of "continuous improvement".

Our program features a selection ranging from their incredible Double Black Pureblood Wagyu to the Silver Label Wagyu x Holstein crossbreed which delivers Wagyu succulence with Holstein beefiness. Each of these steaks is a deliciously rich experience and a satisfying meal for two to three people.