American Ribeye & Strip Sampler : 4-Pack

American Ribeye & Strip Sampler : 4-Pack - Holy Grail Steak Co.

American Ribeye & Strip Sampler : 4-Pack

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This American Ribeye and Strip Sampler is sure satisfy anyone looking to sample both Tajima American Wagyu and Upper Prime Black Angus. Both programs have a wonderful beefy flavor and excellent marbling. The Tajima has genetics from Japanese Wagyu and Angus, so it has a luxurious, tender bite and lovely flavor from the marbling. Our Upper Prime is a rare offering - only about 1000 head of cattle a year get graded at this top tier of Prime and it's for a reason. You won't find marbling on a steak like this at any old grocery store. This quality of steak is typically saved for high end steakhouses, but we found a way to bring it to you. 

Pack Includes:

1 x Tajima American Wagyu Ribeye ~16oz

1 x Tajima American Wagyu Strip ~16oz

1 x Upper Prime Ribeye ~16oz

1 x Upper Prime Strip ~16oz

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